March 21, 2011 – Gonna Chill

Not that you asked, but for my sake – I’m gonna just chill tonight.

This blog is a commitment to myself to write something every day to fulfill my inner most desire to be truly dedicated to my creative self. Whether what I have to say provides value is not up for discussion or debate – either for myself or anyone else. It is in keeping the promise to myself that provides the most value for me and my brain.

Each day brings an opportunity for renewed energy and ideas for amazing personal insight, spectacularly spontaneous wit and unique observations of the world around me. Not sure how many of these days I’ve managed to achieve any of those lofty sentiments thus far, but I’ll keep at it until I get somewhere near that neighborhood. If those are lacking, I can bring forth the ever present, alternative poetic-me and riff on the keyboard whatever my soul spews forth. I sometimes like to thinly disguise my trials under a series of sudden fiction adventure pieces with my favorite heroine, Vivian. If totally desperate, I can respond to a meme that is skipping its way around the digital universe.

If all of those muses fail to make a connection spark in the oddly wired sections beneath my skull candy – then it must be Monday.


One thought on “March 21, 2011 – Gonna Chill

  1. Chilling sounds good. I don’t even attempt to write every day. 2-3 posts a week is all I can swing right now, but at least my zombie blog has been brought back from the dead.

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