March 22, 2011 – Pain in the Neck

When I sleep wrong, I end up with a crick in my neck that goes all the way down behind my right shoulder blade. Always my right shoulder blade.

I spend the rest of the day tilting my head to the left, pulling on the muscle trying stretch out the knot. It never works and it screws my entire attitude toward the day.

Another pain in the neck are tween shows on Disney. I think I can actually feel the knot tighten and twist with every cheesy theme song, whiny-ass loud actor and argument with my very own tweens to turn it down.

I would like to be brave enough to give up our addiction to TV cold-bloody-turkey but highly doubt I am up for the challenge of not only the brimstone it would rain from my kids but from my own withdrawal symptoms.

I don’t always watch crap. I do need the vegetation time sometimes to come down off of a long day of doing a whole bunch of stuff where I’d rather be doing something else.

Like sleeping. Or writing better blog material.

I am thinking of adding a page in here that chronicles our journey to our next home – the fix-up of this one, the search for the next one, etc.

Like that’s just what I need – more things to do, right?


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