About MKat Reclamations

Hello and welcome to MKat Reclamations. Consider this a sacred space where all things inside of us are possible. All it takes is a bit of belief in our natural creativity. And maybe a cup of coffee. Or three…

My name is Kathleen Vaught. I create stories. Some are written, some are performed and some are represented in textile forms. All come from the same place inside we all share – our humanity.

MKat Reclamations offers a place of opportunity for all of us to begin again. Here I seek to reclaim parts of me I thought to be lost. Here I challenge myself to live fully in my truth. Here I write about what’s inside my heart and my brain with the firm belief we can all live a creative life.

This reclamation of our creative belief is a process. I won’t have all the answers. My hope is that together, we can find as many as our collective souls can unearth from beneath layers upon years upon layers of indoctrinated doubt. Stick around for the journey by joining the email list and subscribing to these pages.