March 20, 2011 – So Much Going On

So much going on – not sure where to start.

Watched my amazing daughter finally overcome her fear of riding a bike (after nearly 6 years) and pedal unassisted around our nearby park.

Made the tiniest bit of headway in repairing our house not only so it is more livable for us but also so that it might be livable for someone (anyone) else to want to buy it.

Searching for a new home while searching for a way to afford it and sell the current one.

Fighting back and forth with my hormones that don’t want to stay settled in any kind of normal way.

Trying to build a career out of what I supposed was nothing more than a day job, lose 20 pounds gained over the last year, and reintroduce my body back to regular exercise.

Maintain, strengthen and enhance my marriage and relationship with my best friend of over 20 years.

Be present and engaged in the lives of the two most wonderfully magnificent creations this universe has ever seen – our kids.

Transform all of my experience into Pulitzer Prize/Nobel Laurette material to share with all the world in love and peace.


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