January 16, 2011 – Reorder, Refit and Redo

Every few years (or less), we reorder out tiny little house to see if we can possibly make it feel bigger. It is backbreaking work and many compromises are needed to get it done. It takes quite a bit of time, something always gets broken and we have to cobble together a fix so that we can keep moving, and there are never enough hours plus energy to accomplish every last impulsive idea bursting from hamster on the wheel of my brain.

Once complete (in the most temporary sense of the word), it is a marvel to sit in a room that has simply been reorganized, had a good bit of vacuuming and moderate clutter clearing. There is a modicum of sadness for all of my sentimental treasures now tucked away in boxes until I can figure out what to do with them. There is excitement for the space created in the hopes it will free up motivational constipation. The laundry, dishes and grocery shopping all take a hit during these spontaneous home-redos. And there are aches from lifting way beyond my doctor-prescribed weight limit way too many times.

Over all, a worthy endeavor and it helps make life run more smoothly for a few more years (or less.)

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