January 15, 2011 – Happy, Joy, and Bliss

If Happy was one of the seven dwarfs, then Joy and Bliss are probably his cooler, hip older sisters who taught him how to smile in the first place.

I know they are related. All involve a level of positive energy that is difficult to independently manifest out of thin air, or recreate an exact duplicate once the chaos theory has reordered the universe.

Welcome heart-roomies, Happy can often be at home without the other two, however, once Joy gets the party started, she puts a call into Bliss who will show up if she hasn’t traveled too far away.

I know Happy very well and we spend lots of time together. Joy and I are close, but on a more infrequent visitation schedule. I have met Bliss a few times over the course of my life and know we will get some more time together.

I hope I can always appreciate these grand spirits and let them stick around as long as possible whenever they show up.

Especially knowing that Sad, Sorrow, and Misery have a timeshare on the room upstairs.


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