A little about me

Clearly Autumn Circles is a pseudonym. My real name is Kathleen and I live in the North Texas region. But Autumn Circles does describe me at my core. It is also from a haiku written about me, by me.

Why the need on only my second post to tell you who I am? Two-fold: to hold myself accountable for the work I disseminate into the universe and not totally hide behind a pseudonym to freely write what I want.

I love to write. I am constantly writing. Sometimes it is pen to paper or words filling the air in an intimate dialog. But the most common way is with a keyboard into the very sterile digital world of my personal computer. And there it stays. On rare occasions have I shaken off the sheep’s garment to let my wolf roam wild and free.

My aspirations of publication have peaked and waned over the years, and finally, finally I got tired of waiting for the right time to devote to getting traditionally published. Hence, my entrance into the world of blogs.

I know there are millions of us out there typing our way into someone else’s internet connection and I am simply glad to be among the crowd.

Wolves are an endangered species and quite often misunderstood.

This is my way of expanding the pack and dispelling the myths I hold over myself.

If someone else reads it and relates – yeah! If no one else ever stumbles across it, at least I know I howled at the moon while I still had a voice.


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