Now I’m wondering what I started?

I wanted to enter into an agreement with myself and the universe about writing as much as I can every day. So, I started this blog.

Then I made the mistake of wondering about protecting the work that I produce here. How do I stop folks from stealing it? Not that I think what I write will be in such high demand, but apparently after reading many other posts – that’s just what people do. They steal other folks’ blogs.

All of the sudden my new home to freely express myself has become a place of potential danger and fear.

Will it stop me from writing? I hope not.

There are things I want to write about, opinions I want to express that my daily life has no room for, and stories only I can tell.

Like the one about the little girl who only remembers her older brother’s face from the few moments before they closed the coffin lid. And how she let that affect her entire life.

Or the one about the same girl who felt the presence of what could only be described as God so profoundly it was almost tangible. And then she turned away from it for the next twenty-five years.

There’s the many stories about the woman she became that raced through life, used many means possible to escape the empty pit inside, and found the beauty again through the eyes of her own children and numerous dark nights of the soul.

When not binge-feeding on angst, I have a fairly wicked sense of humor not only about things that happen around me but also those that happen to me. Wait until you hear the one about my video urodynamic screening! What a hoot that day was!

But, before I can do that, I have to wrestle the demon fear once again and trust that I am protected in the universe. Those who are supposed to read my works, will. And those who intend to steal it will eventually have their own karmic demons to fight.

Not to mention, I have write a very clear copyright statement (see “Copyright Notice” page).

One thought on “Now I’m wondering what I started?

  1. Yeah, now that you mention it, I recently noticed that one of my posts was missing a word in the fourth paragraph. Tasty one, too. The pick of the sentence! Damn word thieves. I hope they choke on it!

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