Welcome another voice.

As I sit here in my makeshift writing room that used to be our kitchen dining area contemplating what my first post should be, I am also looking out the window at our two children playing in the backyard. They have big sticks and are clearly off in some made up world of their own. Climbing and traversing far away lands in their minds on broken down swing equipment and overgrown grass – they have no concept of the evils of time nor should they.

I, on the other hand, am a slave to the tyrant master Time. Even now, I feel as though I am stealing time away from our children. Or my husband. Or the laundry. It’s a calm Sunday evening and my brainwashed psyche is desperately trying to convince me that I don’t deserve time to write what is in my heart much less a blog of my own. The light that is my own has been trying to break through for years only to be extinguished in a shame filled rush of unworthiness.

Today I challenge Time in an unusual way – by letting it go.

For now.

One thought on “Welcome another voice.

  1. hello fellow voice in the universe expressing the light – keep it up you beautifully talented expression of a loving universe.

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