January 26, 2011 – Attitude Adjustment

There has to be a fool-proof method for mood adjustment that does not involve chemicals, food or cash, right? Sleep works, but not always. Interaction with people in the desired mood often helps, yet has the risk of back-fire. Music has the ability to provide some relief, however, it can also enhance the existing state.

I am, of course, talking about the undesirable, most offensive and utterly craptacular “bad” mood. If I was in the other kind of mood, I would not want to change it. I only want to fix my ‘tude when it falls below some level of preset, acceptable emotions. And, unfortunately for me and those around me – it has fallen quite far below my standards (which are set pretty low to begin with quite frankly.)

There are lots of reasons.

Plenty of situational experiences.

Quite a few justifiable circumstances.

Even a couple medically disabling diagnoses.

It’s not permanent and doesn’t debilitate enough to prevent normal daily functions. I can laugh and smile all day long – while hoping for a quiet moment to break the surface of my behavior to gasp for air that isn’t draped in the typical Carpenters rainy blue cloud.

I have made a commitment to change the usual tact in addressing the reasons, experiences, circumstances and diagnoses of my life that I, in turn, blame for my lack of imaginative energy and literary world domination. Hence, the daily blog I write that no one but a select, albeit loyal few take a moment or two to read. So far, these writings are mere cranial matter dumps with the fervent potential to regenerate lost creative cells.

Yes, they are raw and intimate and can either be viewed as unsettling or trivial, if viewed at all.

Mere stepping stones, they are, according to Lao-tzu on my thousand mile journey.

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