January 25, 2011 – Sustainable Energy

Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Scientifically there only two forms of energy – potential and kinetic. Energy that is stored, “the energy of position” and gravitational are considered potential energy. If energy is not at rest, it is in motion or kinetic.

That’s it – rest or motion.

If you’re not doing, you are being.

If you are not being yourself, you are doing a whole lotta something for nothing.

And by the derivatives of the word “you” – I mean, me.

In all of the scientific studies I have completed over the years (well, you know), I still don’t seem to get how to apply the simple, straightforward concept of converting potential energy into kinetic when I want the conversion to take place.

And, then, of course, making either of those forms of energy sustainable in my body – either at rest or motion, might as well be akin to Houdini and that damn upside-down water magic act.

Speaking of upside-down water torture, what are the odds that any sitting President can actually get both parties to work together to accomplish something positive for regular Americans like me?

I have faith in this one, not so much in all of the members of Congress he is up against. That goes for either side of the aisle.

Talk about your gravitational pull to the center of a black hole where no potential gets its kinetic on anywhere.




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