Eating, Swimming and the many fears inbetween

I ate too much at lunch today.

Then, just when my stomach finally no longer felt painfully full, I sought and scarfed a chocolate covered bear claw.

My son had swim practice tonight and I decided I needed to go and walk the lazy river to compensate for the massive amounts of food.

That meant putting on a bathing suit during winter and exposing holiday blubber to the world.

I tried not to think about my thighs as I quickly slipped into the water to cover them.

I hoped my husband, or any other man at the pool, didn’t get that veiled look in his eyes that screams to me of “if only she’d lose about ten pounds and buy some breasts, she’d be hot.”

I managed to enjoy the time watching my children be children instead of arguing with them about getting their homework done.  My husband smiled at me as I walked towards him out of the pool.  I received no looks of disdain or disgust from anyone at my daring attempt to parade around as if I believed my body was pleasant to look at.

All in all – a good trip to the Nat…

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