Creative Changes at Hand and Heart

Every now and then,
a little creative change
beats the heart stronger.

Thank you followers of my simple and personal haiku.

The quest to convert my verbose emotional inner monologue into its short and specific framework remains both a joy and kind of “haiku therapy” for me. 

In the coming days and months, this “blog of my own” will expand to incorporate my belief in our collective creativity. My goal is to inspire and motivate others into reclaiming their own innate creativity.

I will continue to write haiku and share them with you all.

 I hope you will continue to follow these musings as I journey toward my own reclamation.




This World We Love

This world we love shifts
wholly through darkness and light.
Stable ground is rare.

Our underbelly
churned and naked, reeks with strife.
We part peace by piece.

What phoenix shall rise
from these ashes, we can shape.
Its gap forms our core.

The duty of care
is ours to nourish and grow.
As one we must live.

Together let’s build
a world with room for us all,
with love as our guide.


November 20, 2016
© Kathleen Vaught