Amazing Women

I was introduced to a number of amazing Women tonight in the strangest of circumstances.

I attended an event in order to meet someone who may present a program for an organization I volunteer with. The event was all the way across our large metroplex and I honestly didn’t feel like making the trek, but I had made the commitment, so I went.

Thank God I did.

I met a woman who co-founded an organization “to preserve the oral histories, discoveries, and accomplishments of women explorers.” She was humble and very gracious.

I learned about the lives and missions of two of these explorers – one who helps the world reshape the way to take care of the ecosystems we live in from the treetops and one who does so through the eye of a rain forest jaguar. They were both passionate, witty and extremely willing to share their experiences to help us all see ways to protect our Earth.

I also met a woman who has raised millions of dollars over the past twenty years to provide arts and cultural experiences for probably just as many young people in our area. She was kind and generous with her time.

I am not fully sure yet why I have been given the honor of meeting these women, but I have some ideas.

The women I met are:

Milbry Polk – Executive Director and Co-Founder of Wings Worldquest and author of Women of Discovery.

Margaret Lowman – A pioneer in the science of canopy ecology and author of Life in the Treetops.

Dalia Amor-Conde – A Landscape Ecologist studying the dynamics of the deforestation of the Mayan jungle through its top predator, the jaguar.

Ginger Head – Founder/Executive Director of the Imagination Celebration Fort Worth.


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