April 24, 2011 – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

The comparison game can be dangerous if played without reinforced buttresses surrounding all sides of an already impenetrable fortress. I’d recommend a variety – flying, ordinary, clamped and French. The evolution of the Trojan Horse means the enemy has a greater chance of success when sneaking behind clearly drawn boundaries and neutral zones.

The most precarious presupposition one can take, however, is to build these cellular citadels with such obsessive precision so as to treat friendly forces with the same unbreakable strategy.

Where is the line? What is the perfect condition for an ally? How can one ever be sure it is a true alliance and not an alien invasion whose only intent is to take over the host body in order to propagate an entirely new mutated generation of automatonic clones?

we are all distinct
formed wholly united once
storms only wash clean

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