April 19, 2011 – Off the Grid

I will be going off the grid for approximately 2 1/2 days which is equivalent to about 60 hours straight, at the beginning of May. I am going with my son’s fifth grade class on the annual 3-day camping trip without access to cell service or internet connections.

I was oddly elated at the news. The only thing that has me bummed about it is that I will not be able to call home and talk to my daughter. Even when our kids stay overnight with my folks or my mother-in-law, I make sure to speak to them every day or night. This will be the first time in ten years my daughter and I have not heard each others voices, especially right before bedtime. 😦

Other than that, I am excited to be in nature with my son, will stay in denial about how insane/stinky/claustrophobic it might get with 89 5th graders from our school alone, will suck it up to spend time with parents I wouldn’t normally chose to hang-with, and look forward to meeting the numerous parents I am not acquainted with yet.

It’s not true roughing it as we will be in cabins with bunk beds and air conditioning, catered meals and access to a swimming pool, however, we will learn about limnology, orienteering, forces of nature, terrestrial ecology, and so much more! (Of course, I wasn’t sure what they were talking about on a few of these, but I’m going to do some pre-studying so I can make sure to be smarter than a fifth grader…)

Maybe I’ll even write my post out with something called a “pen” and “paper” although I hear the delete key doesn’t work quite the same as what I am accustomed to using.

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