April 3, 2011 – Bills, Baseball and Standardized Testing

The lines between “real job,” “day job,” and “career” seem to get blurred over the weekend. Instead of spending my Saturday and Sunday relaxing from my 9-5/M-F day-job, I spend it completing a myriad of activities or chores to take care of my real job as a parent, marriage partner and homeowner. The stress of making sure I succeed in my weekday position and ensure it is a career that helps pay for our life as parents and partners carries over into my level of ability to motivate myself to get all of this other stuff done at home and be a Zen-Mom, Out-of-this-World-Wife and Happy Homemaker. And vice versa – the stress of not being able to keep our house in order, our kids healthy/clean/argue-free 100% of the time, our marriage as sturdy as the Cleavers but with lots of extra spice, and our budget on track effects my competence as an employee for someone else.

Then add on top of that, my deepest heart’s desire to be a published writer in my own right who frequently participates in spoken-word performances.

I know I’ve written out before the mathematical equivalence of how many hours each of these responsibilities to myself, my family and my employer takes and it does not compute into anything near reality based on the current theories of the space-time continuum.

Please note: I understand I am not alone in these struggles. I recognize there are millions of working moms out there who go through this. I write about it here in wonderment of how many other women out there let these daily situations of necessity get them down so low that they want to hide away in a distant land under a different name, new hair color and much cooler outfits.

We should start some sort of group together where our anthem is “Hey, I hear ya and I totally get it. I’ve already packed my bags, picked out my new name, and have my appointment at the hairdresser for my move to Shangri-La.”

Of course, starting a group like that would require some time to organize and coordinate. Then there would be the time spent getting together to recite our anthem and come up with ways to accomplish everything we want to get done more efficiently. Let’s not forget the time it would take to implement these awesome plans, learning curves for those they will affect and general maintenance.

Maybe it would be easier to master Einstein’s theory of relativity and build my own time machine making it possible to be in multiple places at once.

Or, I could believe “enough is enough” for today, celebrate whatever victories I did achieve, mourn the losses and chill the fuck out.

šŸ™‚ Peace.

One thought on “April 3, 2011 – Bills, Baseball and Standardized Testing

  1. I don’t know how working moms find the time to do everything that needs done. I feel like I’m short on time and I work 5 hours a week.

    I think enough is enough sounds good to me.

    Good luck!

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