March 25, 2011 – Wonder what my dreams will be…

Today’s diet included a half-day of healthy: early morning workout on my mini-elliptical, bananas and shredded wheat with soy milk, productive working morning and soy yogurt with lite fruit cup for lunch.

It went to hell from there.

Add frosted cinnamon pop-tarts to my yogurt and fruit cup, then some discombobulated gossiping mixed with jumping around on projects, late afternoon bag of white cheddar Cheetos and cherry coke zero while playing mom-taxi and dropping nearly $100 on baseball gear for my son.

Cap it off with two meager, meat only tacos, more diet coke, a bike ride that wasn’t and a giant rootbeer float flavored lolli-pop while vegging out to numerous shows on my dvr.

And the night’s not over just yet!


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