March 12, 2011 – Not Sure What to Say

I’ve seen the footage from Japan. The devastation is unbelievable. Much like Indonesia so many years ago, the sheer magnitude can never be truly quantified by Richter scales or seismic anomalies or geospatial measurements.

A half-world away, the debris in the swirling surf contains remnants of houses, vehicles, roadways, bridges, and entire trains.

All I can think about is were the families who lived in those houses home when the tsunami hit? Did the people in their cars make sure to say goodbye to anyone they loved? How can we ever know everyone who decided to ride the train that day?

It seems so unreal and reminds me to be grateful for all that we have and don’t have in my tiny little corner of the universe.

But it is real.

And for now, all I can do is pray and contribute whatever amount I can financially.

Imagine if every single person not directly affected by the earthquake did that – pray and contribute.

It won’t erase what happened but it could go a long way to repairing the devastation we can see and healing that which we cannot.

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