March 9, 2011 – Something Right

Our son is 11 1/2 and still hugs me every morning before he leaves for school and tells me he loves me. He was excited when we found out I was selected to go on his 3-day field trip and bummed when I couldn’t volunteer to teach art once a month with his class. He is a smart, sensitive kid whose courage is stronger than he realizes at first.

I sat and talked about haikus with our daughter at dinner and was amazed as she recited the poems she had written in school today. Even though I don’t do anything but sit and wait for her, she wanted me to be with her at dance class because she’d had a rough afternoon. She is a remarkable light, painting the air with her colorful presence.

There are incalculable moments filled with my irrational fear of not doing whatever it is that I am supposed to be doing right as not just anyone’s mom but their mother. With God’s guidance, their souls somehow picked me to help them through this life and I am usually so overwhelmed with trying to make sure I am not doing something wrong that I am missing all that is right.

And something is right in our world.

2 thoughts on “March 9, 2011 – Something Right

  1. There is something right. I worry I’m not doing everything I should sometimes too. I hope I’m the mom these beautiful little people deserve. I hope I still get hugs when my son is 11.

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