March 6, 2011 – Paying the Bills

That’s what I need to be doing. Writing checks. Figuring out why our checking account is off by $92.55. Adjusting budgets to maintain ourselves until the next payday. Ordering flowers for my mother’s birthday. Folding the latest pile of clean clothes to come out of the dryer.

All sorts of things that I am not doing at the moment.

I will, I’m sure, soon since I won’t be able to sleep well with some of that looming over my head.

I try to play hookie and it only ends up biting my psyche in the ass and I end up dreaming about all sorts of whacked out things – tornado’s exploding my home, sinking to the bottom of the ocean in my sweet car, fighting with my spouse while searching for my lost cat.

And then I think – everyone needs to play hookie every now and again, right? Just to keep from having an aneurysm or hypothermia of the heart or misplaced morals?

I mean a real, extended period of time without administering to each and every one of my deadlines, responsibilities or shoulds.

Will it count if I plan it and make sure I have taken care of all that shit first?

One thought on “March 6, 2011 – Paying the Bills

  1. I’m a big believer in planning it and taking care of shit first. It’s the only way I can relax. My own to do list is looming right now. I told myself I could comment on 4 blogs and then I have to do my “real” work – the stuff I get paid to do. I often bargain with myself to get through my day.

    Good luck!

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