March 4, 2011 – Hangnails and Yawns

It’s Friday night after a pretty good week. It’s been long, for sure, but manageable. I feel pretty good. The most pressing issue I have at the moment is an annoying hangnail on my left forefinger and I cannot locate a single pair of nail clippers in the house to remedy it.

Tough, huh?

There have been many times in my life when I have successfully escalated a mere hangnail into a confounded chasm ripping through the center of the Universe (aka, Me) and splitting its nucleic core.

Not tonight.

Tonight is about celebrating small victories in the battle against such manically senseless mind games.

Another week’s worth of daily posts. Six straight days of exercise and mostly sensible meals. Numerous beneficial base touches with a friend that help keep me on track. Quick and clear annual mammogram. Cards mailed to my mother on-time for her 75th birthday. Enjoyable family time. A plethora of positively grown-up behaviors.

And so, I honor my achievements mightily with a cleansing sigh, self-assuring internal pat-on-the-back, and sleepy yawn.


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