February 27, 2011 – Your post is still loading…

As is my idea of what I need to write about tonight.

Laundry list of the weekend? Boring.

Play-by-play of the Oscars as I watch? Already doing that on Facebook.

Fantabulouso haiku about how quickly hours fly and moments drag on? Prolly not.

Diatribe about current world events in Libya or Egypt or Elsewhere? unfortunately, I’ve been way to centric and have not been keeping up outside of a small 27 mile radius.

Some days I need to tap the keyboard just to here the sound of the keys clacking.

It’s like being mindful of breath when trying to focus.

It calms my soul.

2 thoughts on “February 27, 2011 – Your post is still loading…

    • Sometimes I clack the keys extra hard if the house is silent (which is rare) without actually “writing” so I can hear the echo. :O)

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