February 25, 2011 – Do you know what’s weird?

Besides the obvious of being a grown-up with a mortgage, two offspring about to enter the tween years, a career in a field I would have never imagined and an intense dislike for all things that pierce my hyperacusis.

Here’s what else I am finding to be weird:

Reading in a booklet my son received from school about puberty that explains it’s normal for a boy to feel afraid that he might be growing boobies.

Walking around an estate sale in an extremely expensive home without any comprehension of how anyone could acquire so many things and then sell every last one of them away.

Having monthly menstrual cramps without a uterus.

Yelling at my kids to be quiet when I have spent the entire day missing them and wishing we were together.

The desire to parent my parents on occasion.

Having hormonal breakdowns with all of the intensity and angst of a 14-year-old in heat shivering through the aged body of a 43-year-old in the dog days of summer.

Reading some of the pages of this blog and having absolutely no memory of writing them.

And that was just today.

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