February 23, 2011 – Time to Narrow Some Focus

Let’s face it. I’ve been successful in updating this blog daily for over a month. Some of the posts have been decent, some better and some worse. I have done no promotions or tagging and fully expect that I have an equal amount of readers. I used to write with a bit more passion than I do today. Not sure if I was less tired then or less eager now.

I do not where I want to take this writing, and yet, my instinct is nagging me that I need to take it somewhere. Daily journal blogging does not have a draw for anyone outside of lonely, obsessed stalkers (of which, I am sure I have none) or loved ones who read out of love (loved ones that I am totally, humbly grateful for and wish I got to see more often).

I don’t think I could be a movie critic – not because I don’t love to insert my opinion about films, rather because I rarely get to see movies fresh out of the can.

My kids are now too old for me to get into the “mom-blog” racket.

My husband would flip out if I became a relationship blogger. (Although, that would make for an awesome April-fools joke.)

I could fill these pages with my sudden fiction – which I do infrequently post, and yet, I’m not too sure about being able to pull off 1000 words a day that isn’t pure verbal diarrhea. (I know what you’re thinking – what’s the difference with a few extra words?)

I am full of political opinions that would be a totally inappropriate to juxtapose with my daily life where I am the wee small minority voice trying to get through each day without making a ripple.

I do not know how to fix cars, small appliances or electronics. I am not an expert in nutrition, fitness or anything in the realm of “healthy living.” My travel escapades are limited to once a year within a few hundred mile radius. I have not embarked on a life changing trek or self imposed rally cry to recreate every Julia Childs’ recipe or walk across the country blindfolded.

I do have an uncanny ability to MacGyver odd situations where marriage licenses, small combustible rockets and Halloween costumes are concerned. However, those superpowers are not needed on a regular basis and I have no idea when I will see the paper-clipped, tube sock sky light requiring my skills.

I can answer a “yes” or “no” question with a three-hour powerpoint presentation lecture complete with handouts, souvenir chachkis and that special glassy film to go over your eyes so you can discreetly zone-out.

Mostly, I love to talk. With my keyboard.

Hence where this blog has landed.

One thought on “February 23, 2011 – Time to Narrow Some Focus

  1. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit since I’m just coming back after a long bloggy break. I think in the end, you just have to blog about what interests you. Otherwise, it’s not fun. Good luck!

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