February 6, 2011 – Super Sunday?

I know there are some religions that follow doctrines not allowing them to perform any work on their Sabbath. I do not currently follow any one organized religion, I have my spiritual beliefs, they are strong and they are right for me.

However, I am wondering if I need to add in somewhere the “whole day without working” as a regular practice. To be fair, the definition of “work” is generally expanded beyond M-F/8-5 business and would include household chores.

Somehow, somewhere over the drain-board, my Sunday morphed into “Chore-day.” I am either too tired or too busy being MomTaxi to complete a full onslaught of cleaning duties after work during the week, and Saturday zips by with errands, trying to entertain kiddos or obsessive bargain hunting.

Sunday mornings used to consist of sleeping in, reading the newspaper (actual hard copy print) and leisurely drinking coffee in my pajamas until it was time for a nap.

Now, I spend my day balancing the checkbook, grocery shopping, cleaning kitchen and/or doing laundry, and, even with the help of my spouse,  generally not getting everything done to start our week off organized well enough.

I fall into bed Sunday evening before 10 p.m. just as exhausted as I was on Friday night after a full 40-hour week.

Today I let a bunch of stuff go in order to enjoy the SuperBowl.

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t beat myself up for not having fresh clothes for work, an empty kitchen sink or a two-mile walk on my pedometer.


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