February 3, 2011 – I Got Nothing

I’ve almost made it an entire month and tonight – I got nuthin’.

I think the ice storm is truly affecting my words putting together story making stuff from the area that thinks stuff up I usually have when there isn’t so much freaking cold air not melting anything going on!

I have always believed that Alaska is my soul’s safe haven – ready and waiting should I never truly need to escape this life and trade it in for another one. I was born and raised in Texas but Alaska has been that mythical place of fantasy for me.

However, with the amount of wimping out I am feeling after a mere three full days of frigid temps (below 20) and solid white patches of peril everywhere  – I am wondering what the hell could I have been thinking all these years? I wouldn’t last twenty minutes up in Alaska! (Don’t even get me started on what kind of women they elect for gubernatorial representation!)

I had the opportunity to chill (ok, seriously only caught that pun in the editing process, so I am leaving it) at home today – something I am always complaining I never have enough of – and instead, I worked, did dishes, laundry and worried about whether my kids were warm enough (when I would remember they were outside.)

I could have written this blog entry earlier when the house was quiet, I could have exercised and not eaten like a total fool with the cabin jitters after only three hours.

Coulda, shoulda, didna…


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