January 23, 2011 – How much does it take?

The infamous “they” say that everyone has their price. I know that they are referring to money generally, but what about the side of it that is not monetarily generated? How much does it take to reach a person’s limit?

How many times can someone listen to nails screeching on a chalkboard before summarily ripping the offending nails out one-by-one?

Where would the line in the neighborhood sandbox be drawn over a wee-small yapperocious dog? Or much too bright motion activated backyard floodlights glaring in a bedroom?

What would be the final backbreaking straw in a self-sabotaging mind war between much-to-available unhealthy eats and its close ally in lack-of-motivation to exercise versus fitting into the cute jeans and having more energy from generating more energy?

When I find that straw – provided it is not covered in chocolate or something and I don’t eat it – I’ll let you know.

Not that you asked, but I’m going to keep look for that freaking straw in my haystack anyway.


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