Pain Management, Drugs and Power Outages

I am behind on my blogging.

I have no excuses, but I do have reasons.

Finally taking care of some chronic pain issues.

Unfortunately, it involves some drugs. And, in a few days, a giant needle in a tricky location.

Our power was out due to storms and I discovered my total dependence upon electricity. Even though that was this past weekend, I have not yet caught up.

Needless to say, I have no witty comments today, no soul searching angst to spit out into the universe nor any veiled haikus of hidden feelings and secrets I am too afraid to announce presciently.

However, I miss my blogging connection and am popping in to say “hi.”

Okay – maybe I do have a haiku…peace…especially to my friend… ♥

How strong is my heart?
Endless downpour pushes brink.
Love shines from the stars.

4 thoughts on “Pain Management, Drugs and Power Outages

  1. Hope the pain is taking of quickly.

    I am also very depended on electricity (especially the Internet). I am a bit addicted to blogging.

  2. How strong is my heart??? Ummm, hello for a chick that says she has no deep insight, that was pretty darn poetic.

    Hope you are doing okay?

    Hi right back at ya, chickie!

    • thanks – my brain is a bit foggy – who knows what might be lurking in there – it’s a little Stephen-Kingish…;o)

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