Another Day

It was another day of fighting the urge to join the negative voices and beliefs.

Imagine you knew a person who spent over a decade working in jobs she didn’t necessarily like or have a connection with as far as alignment with her life’s purpose. Then imagine that she finally searched deep within to find the resolve that she deserved to be happy the way her soul had intended when it picked this life. Once she began to believe that, she found small ways to live that. Those small ways began to build and grow into larger life altering changes to keep herself in synch with her true nature.

Finally this person took a leap of faith and changed from a job to a career – risking financial ruin and marital emotional breakdown. Her faith was strong and although finances and relationships were challenging, she stayed the course and all played out to survivable results. Basic financial needs continued to be met and the marriage came out stronger for having weathered the commitment.

After beginning to relax into this new faith-filled and faith-received life style, this person developed a new level of confidence and trust in the universe. She began to believe that it truly is all or nothing. She realized and began living that it couldn’t be that the universe coordinated one event to the exception of another. All that happened was exactly what was supposed to happen.

All that happens is exactly what is supposed to happen.

Then, changes she did not pray for and seek spiritual guidance to achieve began to occur. The career she had begun putting more faith in than the life purpose came under dire threat. The reality that the career may shift, morph, alter or down right go away was beginning to become clearer and clearer. This caused her to be afraid, very afraid, of what might happen to her. Again, it was more of a fear of losing what she had come to perceive as what her purpose was.

Then, thank goodness, the universe continued to reveal exactly what it is supposed to reveal.

This person heard her best friend tell a story about her life purpose without having any idea it that it was actually reminding our heroine of her own.

You see, years ago, before she lost the belief that it was okay to express what was in you heart even if it sounded hokey, this person would tell anyone who listened what she believed she could achieve in this life with the gifts and talents she had been given. It wasn’t ever fame and fortune, although that is what most of her friends wanted. It wasn’t ever high exaltation and ultimate praise, which is what was expected for those on her chosen path.

It was simply to touch another’s heart and help them experience this life with some sort of connection with another just like them – human.

Today, although it is painful to look at the reality that the career I have tried to develop over the last two years may revise itself into something I have no idea about, at the end of the day, I have to remember that the career isn’t my life’s purpose. Writing this blog isn’t my life’s purpose. Even raising my children isn’t my life’s purpose. They are all simply things I do in this life.

My life’s purpose is simply to share this universe with the other parts of my self and honor our connection by remembering peace in every step.

If I can remember that, I will not have to struggle with anything that happens.

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