Warning – discombobulated post

There is nothing more important at this moment than sleep.

After not sleeping almost at all last night due to a late dosage of Allegra-D and a four-overtime win for the Dallas Stars, I can honestly think of nothing else but sleep.

I can barely type.

(I was able to stay awake through Dancing with the Stars – Go Christian! Way to dance through the pain!)*

Why bother to write a post at all, then? Why not only allow myself to just close my eyes and drop into unconsciousness and in the process not inflict my apparent lack of faculties onto you, my oh-so-new-readers?

Simple – two reasons: I made a promise to myself to attempt to write something every night in the hopes of building momentum and creating confidence in my commitment. And I have power in my voice which is, in this case, expressed digitally.

My power does not stop because no one reads it. My power is not weakened if it is barely, remotely related to a Pulitzer’s seventh cousin, eight times removed from my friend’s half-sister’s step uncle’s parakeet.

I have strength in power even when the only beneficiary is me.

I have power still even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

The sense is in the effort to remain a voice of power in any form available.

*Please note: this post contains a confession of a secret obsessive vice – DWTS. For future reference, all judgements against the author are respectfully requested to be given a bit of slack. It has been clinically proven that often we do not chose and cannot control that which we obsess over. Plus, I don’t have many vices left!

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