where does it go?

My nemesis, Time, and I are at it again.

I sit here wondering where the day went – I woke up and had the whole day ahead of me and now, at its close, I wonder where it all went so fast.

Then I glance at a photo on my desk of my son when he was three pouring a pretend cup of tea for his little sister who would have been eighteen months old and my question for Time stretches out even longer.

Where are that chubby faced little gentleman and his toddling sister?

All of the sudden, he has become old enough to be continually requesting his own cell phone or to play on the computer and she wants to get her nails done and have a cup of real tea. Both of them have lost that awe for my voice and tend to ignore me when I ask them to do something.

Once the question to Time begins its fateful stretch backward, I begin to wonder where the woman is who could stay up all night and learn a new part for a play has wandered off to. Or the one with aspirations of the Steppenwolf stage and starting her own theater company. The girl who used to soak everything in and be positive and smiley has hidden herself away only to come out when all is well.

I need her more when all is not.

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