January 31, 2011 – Learning from Youth

The ideas we have when we are young are so amazingly fresh and pure. And, I’m not talking teen years – I was already angst ridden and jaded by then. I’m referring to the single digit years. When I was 7, 8 and 9 years old, I could feel God in the sunshine, see fantastical creatures in the clouds, and know without question that I was going to be a famous actress raising a passel of kids with enough time to save whales and frogs across the world.

As I grew older, my dreams became fragmented and began a juxtaposition dance of interchange that would last beyond the writing of this post. I have forgotten more terrific ideas to travel the universe, stop world wars and cure cancer than there are shapes of snowflakes. I have let countless dreams slip from my retained memory banks of becoming an attorney, Olympic equestrian, President of the United States, Tony Award Winning Playwright/Actress and astronaut.

Except one.

A dream that never lost first hold in my heart nor one I ever imagined giving up to see any one of the others jump to the head of the line. That’s how I know it was the dream for me – I wasn’t willing to sacrifice it to gain anything else. And I continue to dream it even though it has already come true.

Three times.

Once when I married my best friend.

The second time when our son was born.

And the third, when our daughter arrived.

Family is one blessed dream I am so very grateful I never let go as the years have piled on. And it is one I hope to pass along to our kids by telling them every day what a dream come true they are for not only me, but also for the world they will help shape with their ideas and dreams.