2MTR is updated – y’all whine…

Okay, promise to up my game on these two minute rambles next week.

In fact, to ensure I do NOT talk about me, send me some topics to discuss in my roughly formed framework of a two minute ramble. Post them in the comments, or figure out how to email me through this thing and do that.

In this week’s ramble, you’ll get the joy of hearing what it sounds like when a less-than-hearty grown-up has a severe and whiny case of strep throat.

Also, stick around to the end, please – I try to plug some of my favorite reads from this week: Ordinary Art and SecondHand Tryptophan who had a guest blog over at Hope4Peyton – which will quickly become one of my favs, I’m sure. I enjoyed and butchered the name of Interstitial Life. (Sorry, K!) Let’s not leave out, Two Hands Full. Also, neglected to say due to my strep-induced-idiocy, Her Bad Mother. Great reads. All of them – not just recently, but every time!

That’s it, I’m out.

Next time I post, hopefully the manna I sent to the Gods of Infection will have worked, along with the shot in my ass, and I will be strep-free, whiny-clear and smarter, wittier, more exotically beautiful and have a firmer body than ever (as long as I’m wishing…)


Missing Blog Life, Real Life much too full

I miss blogging. I am currently laying in bed horribly stricken with some “non-serious” strain of Strep Throat. Feels pretty damn serious to me as I am going on day four of not being able to swallow and that includes having been to the doc and on medication. The only thing my throat will tolerate is a fruit juice popsicle.

This episode of Strep comes with only one week reprieve from having cared for my nine year old as he suffered the same damn think two weeks ago. He, in fact, just finished his antibiotic as they prescribed me one. Ironic? Fate?

Whatever it is, it sucks. Our poor kids when they get this – at least I’m a grown up and bemoan my pitifullest whines to the unknown masses while all they can do is lie there in pain and wonder why it won’t go away. So glad he is better. So very sad it took right at a week of full on sick to get him there.

That’s all I wanted to say. I’m sick. Feel sorry for me. I sure do.