In the movie Parenthood, the wise old grandmother compares family life to a roller coaster ride in such a sweet and convincing way. I do agree with her but it’s not always the kind of ride where your stomach gets those fun tingly sensations that make you giddy. Sometimes the ride moves around with such jolts of force that it actually produces the bit of vomit in the back of your throat. Yuck.

Between the emotions of committing and growing in a seventeen year relationship with a spouse, the unconditional joys and challenges of parenthood, and the successes and hiccups in a career – my roller coaster ride flips back-and-forth from the kind of excitement that makes you put your hands up in the air while flying around the curves to getting dangerously close to the whole damn thing coming off the tracks and crashing into the concrete a hundred feet below.

It doesn’t take much to switch tracks either.

I started off the day running late and beating myself up for doing so. I went on to have an amazing day meeting even more incredible women and getting a chance to learn how to advance in a career where I can actually help spread arts and culture to as many children as the school district will allow. From there I caught a glimpse of what would happen if that all went away and I was back at working in just a job. Once home, I was met with one child who may be getting a cold and another in her first ever dance recital costume.

Now, I am trying to chill out in bed while posting and watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars. It’s exhausting for my body, mind and spirit to constantly be on a ride where I never know if I am going to shriek with a child-like bliss at the unknown climbs and drops or scream in terror because I just cannot take another down-turn or twisting loop.

Tonight I affirm that where ever I am on my journey, it is exactly where I am supposed to be. I believe that I have called into my life each and every experience that my soul needs to evolve and heal. I also understand that as I call people and events into my life, so am I called into others’ adventures in evolution and healing.

And, I know now that everything is divinely perfect for all of us.